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About TTR Executive Coaching


We are a professional executive coaching firm based in New Jersey and Arizona

Meet The Team

We're a multidisciplinary team with a passion for personal and professional coaching. We are dedicated to coaching and performance development by which human accomplishment is accounted for and attained.

“Ellie was there every step of the way and brought my vision further than I could have imagined!”

Bill MarkleyFounder of DAT Co.
CEO, Founder

Ellie Tava

Ellie has successfully steered an impressive career track, leading to her current role as founder and CEO of TTR Executive Coaching, LLC., one of the most exclusive professional and personal coaching firms in the US, dedicated to “Coaching and performance development by which human accomplishment is accounted for and attained.”    Ellie’s 20+ year career as a Sales Executive and Managing Director at large, global technology consulting firms, has provided firsthand experiences engaging with people at all levels in their career: from the C-Suite to Sr.  Directors to Middle Management and Delivery Teams.

Coach Ellie attributes her innate ability to engage authentically with others to having grown up in South Phoenix with 10 siblings in a 900 square-foot-home.  She is an approachable, high-performing and a deeply passionate people person.  From the moment you meet Ellie, you will feel her energy and experience the discipline and insight that she delivers to help drive successful outcomes.

Ellie is a Certified Graduate Coach and ICF Member, who thrives on collaborating with her clients to Identify, Discover, Strategize and Clear the Way so that they can find empowering strategies within themselves to move forward in their life, careers, relationships, and businesses with confidence, assurance, and self-motivation.  Ellie’s coaching style fills the meaningful gap that exists between your best friend and a therapist: someone who is curious, supportive, accepting, focused and committed to partnering with you to help you unlock the answers you hold within.


Derick Brownell

Derick Brownell is a seasoned management consulting executive, professional board director, and performance specialist with over 20 years of experience leading complex programs with executives of all levels and industries. He is a former collegiate and professional athlete and is working with some of the world’s top companies and teams. He is the creator of the 4POP program and is dedicated to helping executives achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

“Today’s leaders are challenged to transform the way people feel about work, create valuable new processes, and evolve from legacy technology. My focus is on the why so that teams are empowered to succeed.”

Derick Brownell created the 4POP approach to enhancing individual and group performance based on two experiences. The first is through individual development as a professional soccer player and corporate executive. The second is through coaching youth at the Olympic development level and executives seeking measurable changes in their ability to perform.

Our Values

Today's leaders are challenged to transform the way they manage their careers, key relationships, and impactful core values.

Our “T3” core values focus on, Truth Fostering, Trust Building, and Timely Communication so that people and teams are empowered to transform.