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Performance Coaching Program For Coaches

Course Outline

Week 1

4POP Foundation: Technical, Tactical, Energy, Social definitions and examples. Why are these important and how do I explain them to my coachee?


Week 2

What is the difference between technique and skill? Why is it important to know and teach the difference?


Week 3

Tactical Deep Dive – Individual and group understanding of team formations and systems. Why is it important for a coach to know the difference when developing tactical awareness skills?


Week 4

Energy and Social – Energy includes Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual awareness. What baseline activities create energy? Why is it critical to address energy for performance?


Week 5

Live 4POP Coaching Test and Score


4POP for Coaches: 5 Week Performance Coaching Program

4POP Coach Training adds accountability and performance management skills to your coaching toolbox.

This 5-week program is broken into weekly 90-minute sessions. This program is for high-performing professionals and executive coaches who want to measure and accelerate their ability to perform.

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Benefits of 4POP Coaching Certification

Increased Credibility

A certification in executive performance coaching demonstrates to clients and colleagues that you have achieved a high level of training and expertise in the field, which can increase your credibility and reputation.

Career Advancement

Executive performance coaches are in high demand, and a certification can open up new opportunities for advancement in your career. It can also help you stand out from other coaches who may not have this additional level of education and training.

Improved Skills

The process of obtaining a certification in executive performance coaching involves extensive training and development in a range of skills, such as communication, leadership, and strategic thinking. These skills can help you become a more effective coach and better serve your clients.

Networking Opportunities

The certification process often includes opportunities to connect with other coaches, which can be valuable for networking and building professional relationships.

Increased Earnings Potential

As a certified executive performance coach, you may be able to command higher fees for your services due to your increased level of expertise and credibility. This can help you increase your earnings potential and grow your coaching business.