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One-Day Corporate Coaching


We start early and onsite — it prevents most of our executive participants from engaging in work-related activities which often delay program starts.


  • A brief introduction (not a lecture)
  • An immediate engagement exercise
  • A coaching reflection & motivation
  • An exercise in identifying awareness (introspective reflection)
  • Break
  • 4-POP introduction & exercise — this is an introduction to accountability & performance planning. Participants will walk away with a 30-day roadmap for areas where they want to accelerate their careers, knowledge, expertise, customer engagement, team leadership skills, etc. This exercise will delve into the following areas:
    • Technical
    • Tactical
    • Energy
    • Social
  • A “Clear the Way” exercise that will support the participant’s empowerment to perform the actions from their respective 4-POP exercise.
  • Closing