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Two-Day Corporate Coaching


Because our founders and coaches have come from industry — technology, finance, manufacturing, etc. — we bring an enterprise-wide understanding of your goals and expectations. This understanding enables us to create bespoke coaching programs that meet your business culture requirements.

Whether this means alignment with executive leadership teams or with middle management or team leaders, TTR Executive Coaching will bring a unique and engaging corporate coaching experience that will evoke: Awareness, Accountability, Performance, and Optimization.

Day 1

We start early and onsite — it prevents most of our executive participants from engaging in work-related activities which often delay program starts.


  • A brief introduction (not a lecture)
  • An immediate engagement exercise
  • A coaching reflection & motivation
  • An exercise in identifying awareness (introspective reflection)
  • Break
  • 4-POP introduction & exercise — this exercise will delve into the following areas:
    • Technical
    • Tactical
    • Energy
    • Social


Day 2

  • We begin from where we closed out our day one, continuing with 4-POP engagement and planning
  • A “Clear the Way” exercise that will support the participant’s empowerment to perform the actions from their respective 4-POP 90-day planning
  • Closing

Participants will walk away with a roadmap for areas they want to accelerate their careers, knowledge, expertise, customer engagement, team leadership skills, etc.