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Executive Coaching Program

Our Coaching Methodology is clear and simple and includes the following approach:


Through discovery and strategy discussions , we incorporate listening without bias; encouragement not flattery; questioning without interrogation; and building a collaborative partnership that evokes genuine awareness within you to get “unstuck.” You will experience self-discovery of the areas, paths and direction you need and want to take to achieve your potential, your goals, or change the trajectory of your professional and personal development.



With awareness comes the question, “What am I to do now?” And this is where TTR Executive Coaching’s coaching program comes into effect. The program will examine the mechanics of getting you to where you want to be,  delving into the following awareness areas where you will identify and become accountable for your actions that drive performance acceleration in your life:

  • Technical
  • Tactical
  • Energy/Spiritual
  • Social/Culture



Becoming accountable for our actions, we can drive performance in ways that are aligned with to the goals we have identified in the Executive Coaching Program. Performance is what validates our journey and is the source of our success. It is achievable and measurable and becomes quite meaningful.



This is the maintenance portion of TTR Executive Coaching Methodology that  empowers you to clear the way to your success. During this phase, we work together to stay on course, identifying, discovering, and maintaining the focus on subject matter that aligns with your direction and; goals.